At Comma expect nothing less than a personalized and professional recruitment solution. We offer you the opportunity to work in partnership with a consultant who cares about your next position, your career and your future.

We are renowned for successfully challenging traditional search firm models through being easier to deal with, highly innovative and consistently more efficient in delivering results for our candidates. Our values reflect a great respect for people, and a commitment to high performance and this is clearly evident in the results from our outstanding team, you will find a recruitment partner that is great to deal with and will provide you with outstanding career opportunities.

The challenge of any job seeker is to stand out from the crowd and show employers that you can be successful and develop your skills in your chosen field……does your current resume say that about you? Do your interview skills distinguish you from your competition?

At Comma Recruitment we offer great career advice for our candidates. Our professional recruiters have deep specialization in all the industries we serve because many of us come from those industries and job functions ourselves.

Why use a Recruiter?

Your resume may look the business but it’s hard to tell the difference when it’s sat in the middle of a huge pile on the managers desk.

Today the reality is that for every perfect job there’s a hundred applicants that also feel like they are the perfect fit………..having a professional recruiter with direct access to the hiring manager is the key.

We have built relationships with the people that will ultimately decide the fate of your future employment, we devote our time to learn what they require for each role, what makes a good fit technically and culturally, we know the job description and the position inside out.

The first thing you do when you see an exciting role is to check to see how many of the job description’s bullet points you can match with, what if you tick 8 out of 10 boxes but the two you don’t are the most important. What if you bring other skills that the hiring manager likes but isn’t in the bullet points, what if your resume hasn’t captured your work ethic, your personality, your fit and that certain X factor you bring……wouldn’t it help if someone that had met you is talking directly to the hiring manager about you, what you can do and what you can bring to the role.Comma Recruitment Logo

At Comma Recruitment we provide professional career advice, the chances are you are only interviewing a few times a year but to land that dream job the interview needs to be perfect. We know what makes a perfect interview, we know the company, we know the hiring team and we know the role inside out so it makes sense to spend some time with us… often get just one shot at this.

No job seeker is an expert at interviewing, at least you probably shouldn’t be if you’ve had job security in the past.  We are experts because we do this every day, because we know the hiring team and we know every job requires something different and every interviewer likes different things…..perhaps the role requires someone that takes initiative when part of a team, while the candidate before you was unaware of that; you have just explained how you took the lead in recent projects and have brought examples to prove it!

We provide first class resume advice, while you may be an excellent writer each role requires different skill sets, each hiring team requires different areas of expertise and experience highlighting. We know what they are looking for specifically in each role but above all we have the opportunity to discuss your resume personally with the hiring team, discuss you as a person and highlight your strengths and then provide you with feedback to begin to prepare you for the perfect interview.

Selecting unique high calibre candidates To land that perfect job you need to elevate yourself from the others, knowing what a hiring manager likes to see on a resume will get you a foot in the door but once you land that big interview you need access to the hiring manager……you need to know what they desire for the role and how you can express your experience and expertise in a way that fulfills that desire and how to demonstrate that you are the right fit technically and culturally.




We have a tremendous track record of success by putting the right people in the right positions and have developed long and successful partnerships with candidates and clients and we have built relationships over years so it makes sense to have Comma Recruitment on your side.

 In conclusion…..speak to a professional, it’s your career we are talking about.