Litigation and Settlement Specialist

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Litigation and Settlement Specialist

Comma Recruitment are looking for an experienced Litigation and Settlement Specialist, you  will act as the principal litigation analyst and will be involved in the management of litigation for Group Disability and Health Care benefits. You will also play a significant role in the determining lump sum settlements.


  1. In collaboration with lawyers, determine which strategy should be followed and implemented for claims cases with formal notice to lawyers and clients.
  2. In collaboration with lawyers, negotiate necessary agreements with clients. Write transaction documents and receipts in settlement with client.
  3. Plan all activities (steps to follow, procedures, delegation of responsibilities, etc.) related to litigation with the legal department.
  4. In collaboration with lawyers, determine the strategies (mediation, litigation, etc.) to adopt in legal files.
  5. Analyze the disability cases that are subject of a review of a formal notice or litigation, in order to discover elements that could impact the decision.
  6. Write a clear and comprehensive summary of each of the contentious cases and provide an opinion and supported recommendations, including accompanying steps to follow for the medical and administrative aspects.
  7. Establish contacts with various stakeholders and experts to develop strategies and prepare required documentation.
  8. Maintain an updated report on contentious issues (quarterly financial statements).
  9. Maintain daily tracking for each ongoing case with contentious issues and send it to the Senior Director.
  10. In collaboration with lawyers, make recommendations to the Director concerning the process and direction of litigation.
  11. Represent the company at small claims court and in collaboration with lawyers, or other company representatives during interrogation or court testimony.
  12. In collaboration with the Leadership Team, ensures maintenance of level of knowledge of contentious issues among all employees.
  13. Coordinate vendors for investigation/surveillance activities of disability cases and discuss strategies for files with current investigation.
  14. Holds decision-making authority on the amounts of lump sum settlements to the level that is granted.
  15. Performs any other related duties as assigned.



  • Bachelor’s degree in law or in a relevant discipline with a minimum of five (5) years of experience in managing disability benefits;
  • Excellent knowledge of administrative procedures in group insurance, contractual clauses and disability insurance settlement clauses;
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking;
  • Fluency in advanced negotiation and strategic thinking;
  • Proven ability to impact and influence;
  • Very good knowledge of the legal environment of group insurance;
  • Knowledge of provincial legislation regarding the field of insurance

Please forward a resume to [email protected]